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Tomorrow, Tonight (Craig Campbell) Craig Campbell is back with new single "Tomorrow, Tonight" on his new label BBR. Another atchy tune which captures Craig's ability show off his vocal range. Craig has the anthem for the summer in the radio single. 


Turn Down the Lights (Rainey Qualley) The new upcomer Rainey Qualley didn’t hold back on her first project by singing about everything from heartbreak and love all the way to a darker sounding ballad about dying. Her dancing background gave this talented singer a unique ability to combine different styles of music. Originally from North Carolina, Qualley has an alto voice that stands out against other female artists. Her current single “Me and Johnny Cash” is an empowering song about getting over someone with a little help from the man in black, wine and burning old memories. Another strong song on her album is “Watered Down”, it not only shows off her ability to hit high and low notes but it is a song about taking her for who she is, not a ‘watered down” version.


Meet Me in Bluesland (Kentucky Headhunters with Johnnie Johnson) This album is just filled with timeless songs, incredible talent, and is sure to create a party-starting atmosphere. With the mix of Southern rock, twang, and rowdiness from The Kentucky Headhunters and the low, smooth voice and groovy piano playing from Johnnie Johnson it is shocking to me that this album hadn’t been released until now. But putting this album out 12 years later gives the album even more meaning and displayed that truly good music will never get old, no matter it’s age. You can hear the authentic friendship and energy that must have been filling their recording studio just through listening to the music. Every song on this album makes you feel like you’re truly walking through a southern land of blues.


Suffer In Peace, (Tyler Farr) Following the major success of his debut album, “Redneck Crazy”, Tyler Farr will be releasing his sophomore album, “Suffer in Peace” on April 28th. The album’s first single, “A Guy Walks Into A Bar” took over country radio and landed in theTop 20 of Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. His latest single "Withdrawls," showcases Tyler's excellent vocals. The production is slightly different from his previous work and will stand out amongst other tunes on the radio.

“Damn Good Friends” is a duet with Jason Aldean and one of my favorites on the album; it’s a catchy tune about the friends that always have your back. I also love the album’s title track, “Suffer in Peace”, because Farr reveals a more emotional side in the song about hiding out to get over a breakup. It talks about heading straight to a remote cabin to clear his head, with a bible, a rifle, and a rod and reel in hand where he can suffer in peace.


Pageant Material (Kacey Musgraves)
 Kacey Musgraves had a hand in writing all 13 tracks on her sophomore album, including her hit single, Biscuits, which she thinks is the perfect preview for her upcoming album. Hit songwriters Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally joined Musgraves on this project. The album has the typical Kacey touch, she stays consistent on the style of music and story-telling writing that her first album had. She’s not afraid to say what she wants to say. One example is a line in the ‘I’ll do what I want to’ style song, Die Fun, “before we get to Heaven, let’s give them hell, we might as well”. The song Dimestore Cowgirl makes me feel like I actually know her and experiences she has had. In the song, she talks about still being a Dimestore Cowgirl ; even though she may have had a few big headed moments, she will still be the small town country girl she was years ago. Pageant Girl is a song you’d expect to hear on a Kacey Musgraves album; she sings about not being a typical southern pageant girl and how she isn’t “pageant material”.

One thing you can take away from the song is if Musgraves doesn’t want to smile in a situation, she won’t. Besides Biscuits, This Town is a favorite of mine. This Town is a song that will make the listeners feel close to her, Musgraves talks about the town she grew up in being too small for her and her dreams. What she sings about makes me believe she took her hometown and wrote about what she remembered, with no filter. If you’re a fan of Musgraves, this album won’t disappoint. If you aren’t a fan of her previous Grammy winning album, then this album probably won’t be your cup of tea (which, is also a song off this album).
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