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Wastin' Gas (Dallas Smith) ‘Wastin’ Gas’ is the newest single released by the Canadian country singer, Dallas Smith. The single is a kickback summer anthem about driving around with his sweetheart. The British Columbia native sings about “riding high all night, we’re just wastin’ gas,” and paints a picture of summer nights with nothing else to do but drive to an unknown destination. The song would be well suited to a romance movie, as it gives a great vivid picture of a love story.


What We Ain't Got (Jake Owen) Jake Owen’s newest single is shiver-worthy. Owen’s smooth voice and broad vocal range is extremely suitable to the song, and his live performance with Travis Meadows was received greatly by many. The emotional lyrics and simple instrumentals allow for the listener to fully absorb the talent Jake Owen has shown via this song. May potentially be one of his greatest releases to date!


RIOT (Rascal Flatts) The vocal group, Rascal Flatts single ‘Riot’ is a great song both vocally and instrumentally. The central idea of the song is that there would be a riot should he lose the woman he loves. Rascal Flatts stays true to their usual sound, but this particular song has a powerful message that most listeners can relate.


Montevallo (Sam Hunt) This album will have his named glued in the Top 20 each week for the following year. His blend of his country roots and R&B and HIP HOP style has delivered an upbeat album that is going to take over your favorite playlist on your IPod. “Leave The Night On” is already a hit at number one. Lines like “The sun'll steal the magic from us soon, So let's take one more trip around the moon”, brings back memories of summer nights hanging out town with friends and not wanting it to end. Track 10 “Speakers” is my second favorite from “Montevallo” but was also previously released on his EP “X2C”, it pulls the R&B that Sam is known for right out into the open. It makes me want to be in the back of a truck with just the speakers on. This is one sexy song. Track 8 “Cop Car” was written in collaboration with Sam and was recorded by Keith Urban. It has also made its way up the charts. When I was listening to the album and knew every word I had to stop and look at the title of the track. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that I knew all the words. Sam does a great job on the song and I have no clue why he wouldn’t want to keep this all for himself. 


The Big Revival (Kenny Chesney)
Kenny Chesney's newest album and 15th release "The Big Revival" is a journal of his life experiences and memories. When going into the studio Kenny claims, "I didn't know where I was going, but I knew what I wanted." "The Big Revival," features a rock and roll sound much different than Chesney's usual beachy, chill vibe. The first track, which the album is named after, is a quirky rock song that when paired with Chesney's country twang creates a unique sound. The song is about an almost cult-like religious practice of holding copperhead snakes and praying the Lord won't let you be poisoned.The fifth song on the album, "Wild Child," is another collaboration with the sweet and soulful sounding Grace Potter. The slow and soothing sounds of the song are accompanied by lyrics about a free-spirited woman who's quirks leave Chesney wanting more. The final song on the album is a tribute to Kenny's tour bus. The sentimental song emphasizes the experiences Kenny has had throughout his career. "If This Bus Could Talk" is a third party view of the roller coaster of things Chesney has been through since the beginning of his success. 

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